Wednesday 28 May 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 21- 2014 #R2BC

My last week a host as its back to the lovely Jo for June. Thanks everyone for joining in this month and I will see you back here in July! Here are the things that made me cheerful this week:

1) School Holidays

We are all off for the week, no alarms, school runs... bliss. It makes such a difference being able to do things at our own pace. Popping into town if we want to or just chilling at home. We haven't as yet even left Kendal its been so laid back:

2) Running with my son

It's hard for me to train for running when the children are at home. This week I took my son on a nearly 5 km run in preparation for our 5.7 km event in 2 weeks time. He did well once he had drunk all the water and got his energy levels up! I reckon he will complete the race and we should still be faster than I was last year:

3) Enjoying the garden

After all my work on Monday we have been making the most of the good weather to be in as much as possible. This was children enjoying a boogie to Steeleye Span on Monday night:

Hope that made you smile! Please join in and share your happy things with us:

Reasons to be Cheerful

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