Monday 5 May 2014

#CountryKids Out Running Together

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
After my son's efforts in Langdale I realised he needed more running training before he tackles some longer distances this summer. Its a difficult one as with him being only 7 he shouldn't do too much training but he will struggle to complete a 5 km course if he doesn't learn to conserve energy and build stamina. The other issue is that his big sister hates running and will only cycle leaving us with limited options on where to go.

Today I announced we were going to run and cycle to the playground in the neighbouring village of Burneside. It's only about 1.5 miles there so not too far for his legs. My daughter was worried about the big hill at Kentrigg but I assured her that I now know the way around the outside of the hill along the river:

As long as its not been raining this is a nice little path to take that avoids the strenuous hill! So we set off on a warm afternoon and my daughter soon vanished off into the distance. This was a bit disconcerting as even though she has passed her Bikeability she hasn't been on too many proper roads. Luckily she made it in one piece with just one close encounter with a foreign lorry.. she now knows they sit on the wrong side and can't always see cyclists.

My son and I weren't super speedy as he needed to slow down quite a few times and we didn't run up any hills but hopefully gave him more of an idea of proper running:

Then the children both enjoyed playing in the park which is much nicer than the one near our house. It started to rain after a while so we headed back. My son was quite tired but did his best as we took the paths back into Kendal:

It was much slower coming back as he was feeling tired:

Guess we need to do more of the same to build him up slowly and safely..

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