Wednesday 18 December 2013

Workout Wednesday Week 4: Langdale Christmas Pudding

The day came this Saturday that I have been training for and the 10 km Langdale Christmas Pudding Race. I've already written about my son's fun run so time to do my race.. 

First up it was like a monsoon as we prepared to start so we were soaked before we even got going. I made a rookie mistake of starting at the back and got held up by really slow runners. Eventually I got to race speed and enjoyed the outward leg to Elterwater. My lack of hill training showed on way back as I really struggled on all the ups. Still I ran 7.1 km of the total:

My Moves Langdale

I just about managed a sprint finish whilst being encouraged by son and dad and the official photographer from Athletes in Action:

last 0.5 km run

This was my relieved but happy face:

Our reward for finishing a t-shirt (very useful when you are cold and wet!) and a Christmas pudding:

holding my prizes

Pleased with not being last as there were 50 people after me and a few that didn't make it. I also had some good times with 1 hour 5 minutes in total:

Strava efforts

So who is joining me in April to try and beat the 1 hour mark?


  1. WifeMumStudentBum18 December 2013 at 21:58

    Aww this is a really sweet and thoughtful first blog post. A lovely introduction x


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