Tuesday 10 December 2013

Review: SuperAwesome.tv Box of OMG and Box of Awesome

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I was asked if my children would like to try a Box of OMG and a Box of Awesome from SuperAwesome.tv these are described as a free box of curated items .. from brand partners which allow children aged 6-16 to discover new collectables, books and other items once every 2 months. We were lucky and got sent the Mega boxes which cost £4.99 every other month. You aren't guaranteed a free one but are encouraged to answer surveys and join the online communities to boost your chances.

So first up the Box of OMG which is aimed at girls:

This turned out to be a bit too girlie for my tomboy! She liked the Zelf as she loves collecting small characters:

Not so enamoured of the Jacqueline Wilson Pet Journal:

Though she wanted to know more about Ruby Redfort (bubble gum scented bands to advertise her):

There were also Moshi Monster cards, a Skwooshi sample pack and a £5 Nickelodeon Game card (which she gave to her brother!). All in all a variety of items that would interest many girls - just not mine.... In total worth more than the £4.99 subscription cost too if you opted for the Mega box.

Next up the Box of Awesome which is aimed at boys and girls and in fact almost had my children fighting over the contents:

Again this was packed full of collectables such a Halo mini figure (fun to add to his battles), Skylanders Giants stickers (a big Skylanders fan):

Match Attax Premiership cards (not much interest from either child in these ones):

Some Zombie Zity collectors cards (pretty gruesome): 

Star Wars Force Attax Cards (my son is a Star Wars fan so he liked these):

And the cards that caused the biggest argument Dr Who:

The other item that was negotiated over (after my 7 year stayed up until 10:30 PM reading chapter 1) was the novel MetaWars by Jeff Norton:

Of course the boxes are a marketing ploy to encourage children to start collecting items or buying books from certain authors. The fact you can get a smaller version of what we had for nothing has to be a nice gift though. The £4.99 subscription seems worth it if you get a free book too as you more than get your money's worth. I am considering getting a Box of Awesome sub and just letting the smaller Box of OMG occasionally arrive. My children were each allowed to choose one series of stickers/cards to collect and will be allowed a packet a week. 

There is also an app which links to the site but unfortunately the iOS on my iPhone is too old for it to work... An interesting way for young people to respond back to manufacturers as to what they really think of products though.

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