Tuesday 31 December 2013

Challenge 2014

Oh dear I just looked at last year's resolutions. Let's just say it doesn't look good...

1) Carry on getting in shape and actually lose some weight

Well this one isn't a complete white wash. I have actually dropped nearly a dress size though the scales haven't shifted very much.

2) Learn to knit

Nothing to see here...

3) Sort the house out

Well I did get my son's room looking a lot better when I swapped all the kids' storage around. He does now mostly have floorspace to play on! My daughter's room has been a work in progress since we started converting it to a tween room. Hopefully it won't be long until her's is finished.

As for the rest I sort it and it goes backwards... Oops need to do better!

4) Read another 100 books

Well this doesn't appear to have succeeded this year. Apparently I have only read 69! I am sure I did better than that but maybe reading 500 page books isn't the best way to go about it..

So how about 2014 is it the same old same old or something new?

1) Carry on getting in shape

I am ignoring the scales as I agree with Thinking Slimmer that its the size you are not the weight you are that counts. So my challenge is to get this belt off the loosest notch:

Added to this I've signed up to LETJOG14 to see if I can keep on running and do the equivalent of Land's End to John O'Groats over the course of the year.. I couldn't even run for 5 minutes this time last year so I am amazed I am even contemplating it!

2) Operation House

I need to just keep on trying! Small steps at a time so that I can happily have friends round... Need to get children trying harder to put things away to help me though!

3) Family Time

We have such lovely games and toys in this house we need to make sure we spend more time playing with them. So its going to be less TV and more time having fun together.

What are hopes for 2014? These are some of the weight loss slimpods that have been helping me:

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