Friday 6 December 2013

“What's happening to me?” by Usborne Books

There comes a time all parents dread when you know its time for that conversation, you know the one about puberty and all the things to do with your child changing into a grown up. We all know it happens but maybe aren't confident enough to broach the subject.

With a 10 year old daughter I know that I ought to be talking to her now and not leaving it until its too late. So luckily friends recommended an Usborne guide:

“What's happening to me? (girls)” so I armed myself with a copy and last night had a perusal through it. The book has sections on all the bits that girls want/need to know:

  • boobs
  • periods
  • pubic hair
  • spots
  • body image
  • sex and babies 

Its a no nonsense book that will hopefully answer most of the questions a girl needs to know. It may raise a few too but hopefully I will be able to answer them!

Of course there is an equivalent for the boys:

I had a look at this with some mum's of boys the same age as my daughter and they have all bought copy! It is very similar to the girls one but obviously has:

  • voice breaking
  • changes to boy bits
  • wet dreams

This one I hopefully won't need to buy for a little while yet for myself but I will bare it in mind for when my son gets to double digits... Obviously being a woman I have no personal experience of male puberty so this could be enlightening for me too!

How do you deal with discussing puberty with your children?

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