Monday 30 December 2013

#CountryKids Walking with Guinea Pigs in 2D

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

My daughter asked for reins to take her guinea pig for walks from Santa. So one appeared for Christmas and as she failed to get the harness on on Boxing Day I had to take over. This was just a short indoor trial but today we managed to use it outside:

Guinea pig on lead
Ready to 'walk'

guarding guinea pigs from cats
Guarding guinea pigs from cats

guinea pig checking out garden rake
Checking out the garden rake

cat on the prowl

walking a guinea pig on a lead
'Walking' the guinea pig

guinea pig hiding

On guard duty
Guinea pig guard

post walk cuddle with guinea pig
Cuddling guinea pig

cat watching guinea pigs
Uh oh!

You can look but not eat!

So not a very long walk but a bit of fun! A little drama at the end when the other guinea pig briefly went on the run and we had to catch it before it became lunch...

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