Wednesday 4 December 2013

Workout Wednesday Week 2

Well its been a mixed week on the running front! After last week's new 5 km record I did follow it with my 2nd best ever one. So I went into the weekend feeling pretty confident. 

Then life got in the way of my training schedule I had to do an afternoon run yesterday instead of a morning one and I didn't enjoy it at all and in fact failed to run 30 minutes non stop... Therefore when the app said that today it was a 40 minute run I was not feeling at all confident..

However it was a beautiful if very cold morning (my legs never did warm up!) and being out around Kendal felt lovely. I deliberately didn't push my speed up as I wanted to be able to complete the time. Finding a route long enough to run for 40 minutes was another issue but I added a little extra round the Natland Rd. Amazingly I managed to do the 40 minutes and then after rest walk I did another 10. 

So these are my Strava achievements this week: 

I have created a bloggers running club so that if anyone else wants to have a virtual running club with me then they can join in:

How is everyone else doing?

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