Monday 2 September 2013

Toy Review: Character Building Sports Stars Pitch and Play

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With a son who loves football I was quite keen to try out the new Sports Stars Pitch and Play (RRP £19.99) from Character Building. We were sent a pitch plus 3 individual Football Micro Figures.

Typically my son left me to construct the pitch whilst he got out the footballers!

The pitch itself was pretty straight forward to construct if you read the simple instructions (I admit to trying without!). The various parts of the pitch clip together easily. I did find the goals slightly harder as I was wary of applying too much pressure but it does require plenty until it clicks. Once altogether the pitch looks like this:

The pitch comes with only 3 players so you do need to buy more of the micro figures (£1.99) to make a decent team:

These are all recognisable real footballers (well recognisable if unlike me you watch football!). To play the game you have a goal keeper on each side using the holder and then either attackers or defenders depending if its your turn. When it is your turn to play you flick the player towards the ball:

The rules are quite complex for a young child and my son decided he didn't like them. So he decided we should just pick up our footballers and flick the ball with them. It did make for a fun game if not the right one! Maybe one day he will play it properly.. 

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