Saturday 28 September 2013

#CountryKids Whinlatter Forest and Castlerigg Stone Circle #WeLoveForests

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

I've been meaning to get up early enough to head up to Whinlatter for ages but life seemed to get in the way! With the forecast clear and nothing on the agenda for this weekend we managed to head up there for just after 10 this morning. Very excited that a red squirrel ran across the road in front of us on our way up the mountain!

Having been official Forest bloggers for nearly a year our days there have a routine. Once we have availed ourselves of the facilities its straight up to the Wild Play area. This time via Go Ape to book my daughter and I in for a birthday treat as she will be old enough to do it from the middle of next month. I just hope that I can keep my courage up to complete the course as I am scared of heights... 

Any way nothing to scare my kids in Wild Play and my son even made the slide go faster by sitting on his fleecy!

This trick didn't work so well on the straight slide as it went so fast he flew off the end!

It was such a lovely day to be walking through the forest:

With is being autumn there was a huge variety of fungi to see:

Of course the children were more interested in the play equipment:

My son was very brave and tried the wobbly one on his own:

Just to prove I was there my son took this shot of my daughter and I on the same thing:

My daughter then took over the camera to get revenge on her brother:

Then it was on to the kids' favourite Archimedes screws:

They can spend a huge amount of time mucking about the water:

It needs plenty of team work to get it right:

I had time to spot some early signs of autumn:

And admire my son's new walking boots (please note shorts in September!):

Other parents had obviously been observing their children's fun with a brew as they had left a mug behind:

There was certainly plenty of time for me to enjoy a few coffees whilst they were having fun:

The nearby pond is filling up with leaves falling from the trees:

We moved over to the tyre swing which both kids love. First of all I gave my daughter a mighty push:

When both got on they looked so happy:

Of course we have to spend a big chunk of time in the gravel pit:

It requires so much concentration:

And team work:

But the rewards seemed to be worth it:

Not sure my daughter had the right idea of what went in the buckets:

I had time to look for signs of autumn in the trees, still early days:

There certainly seemed a lot to smile about:

It was by now time for lunch so we headed over the troll bridge:

and past the carved squirrel:

Whilst waiting for lunch to be brought to the table I had a chance to see the birds enjoying theirs:

As the children were having ice creams for pudding they ate these waiting for our hot food to come out:

Their dinners were fabulously presented:

My daughter was delighted when this little chap hopped over looking for crumbs:

My son went to choose our after lunch walk from the trails list :

Somehow they ended up back on the basket swing first:

Its worth going on a walk to see the amazing views over to Keswick:

Our trail kept crossing over the Squirrel Scurry and the interesting information boards that popped up:

We briefly saw a squirrel in the distance under the forest canopy but it was too far away to capture on film. There was enough light to explore some dens that had been built by previous visitors:

And to spot even more different fungi:

My son of course found a stick that was way too big:

He was persuaded from taking it on the walk and they headed off looking for more squirrels:

I wasn't allowed to sit on a bench an enjoy any of the views:

Here they were listening intently as they believed they could hear at least one squirrel:

My son soon bored of this and went off sword fighting down the path instead:

No squirrels at the feeding box just a cheeky little bird:

No squirrels using the rope way put across the path for their use either:

There were plenty of people up on Go Ape having lots of fun up high in the trees:

We had time for some last goes on Wild Play:

Then we set off back south towards Keswick. As it was early we detoured to Castlerigg Stone Circle as we had never been. We apparently just missed a bunch of druids and an anti fracking protest!

The circle is in a beautiful setting:

And get more impressive as you get closer:

This was all that was left from the druids (although drums still being played by campaigners!):

The rocks are all different shapes and sizes:

There is still room to play:

Or to sit and contemplate:

We also had time to briefly stop at Thirlmere:

Think my son's shorts show evidence of a fab country kids day:


  1. Baked Potato Mummy28 September 2013 at 22:17

    Wow what a spectacular place that it. You're so lucky to have that so close! And what beautiful photographs too

  2. an hour away but well worth the drive! thank you

  3. Wowsers that looks like there's loads to do there! A jolly good day out by the looks of it!

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona)29 September 2013 at 14:25

    What a fabulous place! Such stunning views and SO much for all the family to see and do. I can see that you all had a great time in the wonderful play areas and hunting for a squirrel. Good luck on the Go Ape, I'm sure you will have a fab time - can't wait to see the post. Thanks for linking up another great post with Country Kids.

  5. your gang would Whinlatter if you ever get to escape!

  6. I love Castlerigg stone circle, can't wait to take the kids there next time we're up on holiday. Looks like an amazing weekend and thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot x

  7. Jocelyn (@ihavecards)30 September 2013 at 10:41

    Stunning photos, and what a fantastic place, That long slide looks amazing - my daughter would love it, and so much beauty captured in the nature and wildlife all around you - gorgeous post.

  8. What a gorgeous place and I want a go on that mega slide! haha! Fabulous photos! x


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