Tuesday 17 September 2013


Like most working parents with primary aged children I find that time is so precious now school is back. Life seems to be ruled by the clock..

Time for school

Getting 3 of us up and out by 8:35 every weekday can sometimes be a battle. Some days the children are up and fully dressed by 8 and on others I am wrestling my son into his socks and shoes when we are supposed to be out the door.. I hate sandwiches made the night before but think I need to start putting all the extra bits ready in the lunch boxes the night before.

Time for housework

This all gets squeezed into the mornings after the school run and before work. I am going to try the FlyLady system again as I need to establish some more of a routine. The fact that the whole house needs a thorough sort out is not helpful! 

Time for after school activities

This is the one that nearly killed us all last week! Both children now have a couple of after school activities as my daughter started both Guides and Tread:

The biggest complications come from a) the clash of Guides finishing after my son should be in bed b) Wednesday both have activities that result in me driving backwards and forwards with little time to spare! Going to take practice to get these all right..

Time to eat

With a new schedule I have to adjust our eating. Every day I need to eat by 11:30 to get to work on time. The range of after school activities means or food needs vary. Getting a healthy evening meal into all of us is sometimes a juggle. Good job I have my microwave cheese sauce to fall back on. 

Time to exercise

I have lost my aerobics session to my accommodate my children's activities! Now I just have time to run twice a week (unless kids come too). Also its a shorter route at the minute with less time to spare - not that I can run as far any way.. I am contemplating gym membership as work get discount but will I have time to go?

Time for me

If I don't time out during the week just to have grown up time with other adults then I burn out. So glad I have my Monday and Wednesday mornings with other mums. Getting a whole day at Blog Summit was a real blessing. I have been invited for a weekend away without the children... just need to butter up my parents to baby sit for me..


  1. I know where you're coming from - sometimes our morning routines run like clockwork, other days I'm amost walking out of the door and threatening to take the little man to school in his PJs!

  2. I try to do Fly Lady too! Sometimes her emails drive me a little crazy - it's like we're all in a 12-step program! but I find that if I stick to it it really does work (or at least it's better!) This was a good post for me to read as well because mine aren't in school yet and I need to be thankful for one more year without crazy mornings.. it's so easy to say 'life will be easier when..' with kids!

  3. I have taken both my 2 in PJs before now - only need to do it once ;-)

  4. Hat off to ya hun, theres alot of stuff on all ya plates! We've just got into the school routine so now finding activities for both kids (leah during the day and lewis after school). Sam leaves for work at 7.30 and gets home at 6 so I struggle through it all during the day too.

    Make sure you get some you time hun!!!! X

  5. this parenting lark is hard work ;-)

  6. Aww we're the same. There are never enough hours in the day. Even when I think that I am winning, I'm on top, done everything there is always something that I need to do, like a missing packed lunch or PE kit or a lost school tie. Usually right before we leave the house for the school run. Do try and make some time for yourself - I could do with taking my own advice :) x

  7. I think being a mum is such a hard job even when the children are grown. Like I'm my mums baby and I'm 23 and she still does loads for me and doesn't really get much time to herself. She does everything for me and my sisters and I really appreciate it and because of this I've grew up to be really appreciative of my mum and all mums that take the time and do everything, use every waking moment for their children. It looks like you have a good idea of what schedule you need though and you have that little time away everything to chat with your mummy friends.

    And concerning the gym, I used to do a 30 min session 2 times a week and it really kept me fit. Warm Up on the Bike for 8 mins, Cross Trainer for 10-15mins and then the rest of the 30 mins on the treadmill at a fast walking pace. So it is worth it :)

    Kate H

  8. I don't have kids but I'm always in a rush out the door by 6.50am back home around 12 hours later. I don't know how you fit everything in!


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