Thursday 26 September 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 30 The Sneezing edition #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Having spent much of the last week with a stinking cold (thanks kids!) its harder to be cheerful but I have managed to find a few rays of sunshine:

1) Sunny Sunday in the Park

Having been house bound and mostly horizontal on Saturday it was fabulous to be out and about on Sunday. After church the lovely sunshine lured us to spend a few hours down at Abbott Hall park. Whilst the children played I soaked up the sun and enjoyed the local paper with a coffee:

Then we took the longer route home along the canal path and river bank:

2) Last of the sunflowers

It's fellow flowers are now just food for birds and homes for spiders:

3) Picnic teas in the park

There won't be many more of these but whilst they last we are making the most of them:

And yesterday's one by Windermere was wonderful too.

4) Fabulous Roses

Spotted a wonderful bush full of roses whilst walking into town yesterday. Just so beautiful:

5) Moving Up

My daughter is in year 5 so our first chance to start looking at secondary schools! Scary to think she is nearly at that secondary age but we started by looking around the school I work at on its Open Evening. We all loved the musical performances that were put on. Each department had also put out hands on stuff for students to try. Wish we had had more time to see it all (will have to wait for next year!). It was good to see our historical reenacting kit being used in the history department:

And in the PE department my daughter made the most of a mini trampolining lesson:


  1. My son has just started year 6 which is really scary! We went to one secondary school open evening last year which was interested, but the other schools seem geared for only year 6 which seems strange to me as you do start thinking about it in year 5. Good luck on deciding which one to go for, we're about 80-90% decided

  2. she has her heart set on mine at mo! it is the closest to home and being largest has more on offer... I will take her to see the other ones next September though!

  3. I have a year 5 too (and others) but is a lovely year. September seems to be full of colds, stay well x


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