Wednesday 14 November 2012

Wednesday Book Review: Out of Time 2 - Raven's Hoard

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Having enjoyed Gill Jepson's debut novel and her picture book I was delighted to be sent Out of Time 2 Raven's Hoard to review.

Gill lives on the Furness peninsula and all her stories are based in the area and are full of local history. Like her first novel this story is aimed at older children but I found it fascinating to find out more about what was happening in the area in the 18th century and the time of the Vikings.

The hero of this story is the brother of the heroine in the first story. As the book went on the stories overlapped so you would be best to read them in order.

Once again it is down to a teenage boy to travel through time and find the treasure before the bad guys do. This time there is help in the form of a young couple from the 18th century who sometimes travel through time with him whilst battling smugglers in their own time.

There are quite a few tight corners that they have to get out of whilst on their quest. A few twists on the way and surprises made me keep reading. If your child likes mysteries and history then they will enjoy this book. Even as an adult there was enough to keep my interest.

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