Saturday 3 November 2012

This week's Toys R Us Reviews

The Amazing Web Shooting Spider-Man

I have to say my son was very excited to get this toy in our latest box. Like many young boys he loves anything Spider-Man related even though he has never seen the films!

The toy needed 4 batteries before it could be used. The webs can then be shot out by pressing buttons on Spider-Man's back.

His head flicks from side to side as he shoots:

We discovered he only shoots well if his poseble arms aren't pointing too high in the air. It's a real shame that the webs don't actually stick to things they hit. They are fine for knocking down the target that came with the set and also made a good noise against our bin!

Cars: Lightening McQueen Hawk

My son's friends were all keen to have a play with Spider-Man but I'm not sure how much staying power it will have.

This toy is a product to go with the AirMater film from the popular Cars series. My son is a bit of a fan but not a major one so recognised the character straight away and was keen to try him out. He soon mastered how to convert to flying mode:

The toy has 75+ phrases and sounds and the video below will give you a taste of some of them. It also can shoot out missiles from underneath!

My son has had lots of fun shooting down other toys using the missiles. The range of noises means that there was plenty of variety (there is also an off switch!).

Returning the car to road mode wasn't easy for my son and he needed me to push the wings back in. Otherwise the toy provided plenty of entertainment and lots of fun. I'm sure it will get played with lots.

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