Friday 23 November 2012

Once a week take a peek

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Isn't it funny that just the mention of head lice can make your head start itching! That's exactly how I was when I received a box of Hedrin's new treat & go mousse for head lice...


Like most parents we have had the experience of little visitors brought home from school or nursery and shared around. Treatment of the whole famiky has not been a pleasant experience! This new dry application mousse seems a whole lot easier should we once again have little bugs brought home.

In the mean time Hedrin have this advice for parents:


  • Check children's hair once a week
  • Use a proper detection comb - teeth no more than 3mm apart
  • If live lice found check treatment advice
  • If live lice found check rest of family

  • Only if live lice
  • Use clinically proven treatment
  • Treat for recommended time
  • Repeat treatment after 7 days to kill any new lice from eggs
  • Checks again after a week
There are four main treatment types:


  1. Non-pesticide treatments have an eradication rate of 100%
  2. Pesticide treatments are the traditional methods but lice are building resistance so eradication rates are 33% or less
  3. Wet combing with conditioner twice a week for 2 weeks is 38-57% effective as its easy to miss a few
  4. Alternative treatments haven't been fully tested yet scientifically
Stats provided by Hedrin

If you've stopped having an itchy head go to Once a week take a peek for more information!


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