Friday 30 November 2012

Mattel Fun Times: UNO Roboto

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This is the second game we were sent to review. We have never owned a copy of UNO but I have played it in the past. Neither of my children had ever played before. UNO Roboto has an electronic addition to the game with the Roboto:

This little some different dimensions to the game. Firstly you record each players name into the microphone. Secondly you can save a house rule. Finally Roboto throws up a few commands such as making you swap cards, letting you have another turn or creating a duel between 2 players such as first to touch your nose. This can make for a longer game and you need to pay attention to his commands.

This video shows my son and I have a game:

As you can hear my son chose to record silly nicknames for us both! Nicknames are used by Roboto as well as your names for giving commands. So be careful what you record!

My 6 year old is really enjoying playing the game and has quite quickly learned the UNO rules. His big sister is not as keen but that maybe because I keep winning!

If you have original UNO but are getting bored this would liven it up. If you haven't got UNO already then it's another fun edition to the games cupboard.

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