Tuesday 27 November 2012

Mattel Fun Times: Pictionary

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Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing reviews on a range of board games I've been sent by Mattel to try out with my family. First up is an old favourite of mine that has had a makeover for its 25th anniversary (that is officially scary as I remember playing it when it was new!):

One major plus as compared to original pictionary is that it has special junior cards so that younger members of the family can play. It has an age range of 8+ so was well suited to my 9 year old daughter.

She was keen to give it a go even if strictly we should have had another team to play against! At her suggestion we chose to use one of the stop spaces to make it a shorter go. The board gives you 3 possible starting points depending on how long a game you want:

I haven't compared to my old version (currently in attic waiting for my children to be older!) but I'm sure it's much brighter and more funky. My daughter soon got the hang of it and we seemed to work well as a drawing/guessing partnership. Can you tell what any of our pictures were:

The game is available from £19 online and I'm sure most toy shops will stock it. A great addition to your family's board game cupboard especially if they are getting a little bit older and need more of a challenge.

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