Saturday 9 April 2011

Flashback Friday: first riding lesson

About 2 and half years ago just after his 2nd birthday my son had his ever horse ride thanks to his godmother Kirstie:

Once he got over the initial shock at being a lot higher off the ground than normal he looked like a natural! He sat with a nice straight back and held on to the reins very carefully as Kirstie led him round the paddock. Just a shame we are now too far away to have more rides...

His big sister also had her first lesson that day but I was too busy keeping an eye on a small person to get a decent photograph of her! They were both looking like better riders than I was as a child. My riding instructor very kindly told my mum that she was wasting her money paying for lessons for me... I still remember the horse was called Biscuit and it never did what I asked it to. I have subsequently ridden a few times but never really had much confidence.

Wish it wasn't such an expensive hobby so that my children could do it more often.

This post was held up by technical issues from actually being posted on Friday!

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