Tuesday 5 April 2011

Change4Life: Step into Spring - Up and About

My latest Change4Life newsletter popped into my e-mail inbox this week with lots of tips to get Up and About and to ensure they have 60 Active Minutes a day. With the Easter holidays either here or happening next week its great to be able to get some tips to get us all fitter with 2 and a bit weeks off!

Up and About

As I know to my cost its ever so easy to find bottoms glued to comfy sofas on the wetter Spring days so Change4Life have got some tips on keeping more active with your children. I have borrowed a few for here but for more go to kids activity tips.

Budget tips

  • Have a disco in the lounge with some of your CDs
  • Have a catwalk at home and get the kids to parade their favourite clothes
  • Have a toy and clothes swap party with other families.
  • Make a den using some chairs, tables, sheets and towels.

5 minute fillers

  • Play hide and seek
  • Make up a dance routine to a song
  • Use a broom/mop to play limbo
  • How many times can you hop on the spot in 10 minutes

All day games and activities
  • Family Olympics
  • A Treasure Hunt
  • A bike ride

Whatever the weather
  • Fly a kite
  • Puddle jumping
  • Leaf catching 

Getting activity into your daily life:
  1. Limit TV to 2 hours max
  2. Feet first instead of using a car use your feet and walk/cycle
  3. Dance to the TV ads
  4. After school don't let them veg out
  5. Be active after eating to burn off the calories
  6. Have a family activity day at the weekend

Use your feet

There is a great tool on the web site to give you ideas to use your feet more. 

I will be having a look at the 60 Active Minutes at a later date....

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