Saturday 2 April 2011

April Personal Challenge

I came across the Personal Challenge when browsing other blogs this week so thought I would join in this month. The scheme was started over at and if you want to join in there is a linky and a badge: 


So what am I challenging myself to for the next month?

1) As you may have seen from my Fitness Friday posts I have not only stalled but back slid on my weight loss programme. So my first challenge for April is lose a minimum of 7 lbs over the month. This should be achievable if I stick to the diet and boost my exercise!

2) As a second challenge I need to get myself up earlier in the morning so I can a) fit in my exercise and b) carry on making the best of myself by having time for hair and make-up. So my alarm clock is going to have to be set for an earlier time (and I'll have to actually get up when it goes off!)

3) Thirdly I need to finish making my bedroom a little haven to chill and relax for myself and get the children to assist me into making their bedroom a place they can actually play. With the school holidays coming up we will all need our own space!

So hopefully I've set myself some S.M.A.R.T. goals - come back on the 30th April to see how I did....

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  1. How did it all go? Did the Easter holidays help with the room-sorting?


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