Saturday 30 April 2011

Duke of Lancaster Regiment Homecoming Parade

It was another emotional and patriotic day in Kendal today as the sound of vehicles on Highgate was replaced by a military band, soldiers' boots, cheering and applause. Our local regiment the Duke of Lancaster's was using their privilege of being able to march through the centre of Kendal to celebrate their safe return from Afghanistan. Before the scheduled march time people were starting to line the streets many of us clutching the flags that survived from yesterday's big day!

We were positioned towards the end of the route and for quite some time we could hear the increasing volume of music and applause as the parade approached. A police motorcycle rider led them down from the County Hall and passed us on to the Parish Church for a thanksgiving service. It was a very emotional moment as the soldiers marched past us in perfect step with each other with their guns on their shoulders. The crowd were clapping and cheering and waving their flags. 

Wish I could have gone to the service and I do hope the crowd was as good if not better for their return leg. We are proud of our local regiment and wish them well in any future action.

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