Tuesday 26 April 2011

#TheGallery: Green

A lovely challenge from Tara this week to come up with photographs meeting the theme of Green. As the weather has been stunning over the last few days I've been out enjoying the Cumbrian countryside here is a collage of my favourite ones fitting the bill:

From top to bottom and left to right this is what you can see:
  • My children enjoying the amazing seesaw in the middle of Holker Hall gardens.
  • Them resting on the lovers' seat on the lawn.
  • My daughter hugging the Holker lime tree.
  • Lambs near Sizergh castle.
  • Tulips in Sizergh castle gardens.
  • Woodland adjacent to Sizergh castle.
  • Brigsteer woods.
  • Bluebells in Brigsteer woods.
I hope you have enjoyed them. If you want to see more then from Wednesday click on the camera logo to see this week's linky.


  1. Ah, sigh!! I can almost smell the fresh, spring air! So, so beautiful!

  2. all such lovely pictures but those lambs are super awwwwwwww!

  3. Great idea to do a montage. We have some very similar photo's from our trip down to Somerset at the weekend :)

  4. Gorgeous photos :) There is something about lambs at this time of year that makes me glad I'm a vegetarian lol :)


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