Sunday 2 October 2016

#CountryKids Pokemon Go around Kendal #WhateverTheWeather

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Monkey and Mouse

It was such a glorious day today that my son and I set off on a long Pokemon Go expedition. He had earned enough pocket money to buy some extra bits and pieces so we set off to hatch eggs and collect more Pokemon. We mixed up visiting regular Pokestops with seeking out new ones by using the map as a guide:

This meant that we went through the cemetery and up onto Castle Hill before heading back round to town. It made for some very diverse places:

On top of the hill there were a total of 4 Pokestops which gave me an excuse to capture as much of the castle as possible on one shot:

At the bottom of the hill I finally found the Kendal Little Library that I had only heard about before:

We had a few short pauses along the way whilst my son battled gyms or added his Pokemon to back up Team Instinct:

It was a pretty successful Pokemon hunt as we caught or hatched 3 brand new ones as well as topping up some of the ones we had previously caught. I had fun using the AR feature to capture some on camera in the wild:

One of the things that makes Pokemon Go more interesting as an adult is the places you visit for Pokestops. The information that goes alongside them can be a fascinating read and you can learn a lot about the area you are visiting:

We also spotted some things along the way that we had never noticed before like these faces in a gatepost:

To get a rest we set a Lure on a Pokestop at the Brewery and had an excuse to chill with a drink and a snack for half an hour! With the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival later this month there were plenty of window displays and posters to draw the eye too:

We must have walked over 5 miles in total (my app decided to skip bits..). As we knew we were planning a long walk we had bought some extra incubators. This meant that we were able to hatch 3 lots of 2 k eggs and 3 lots of 5 k ones too. Its quite exciting to see what is coming out:

This was such a successful expedition that we will be repeating it most weekends and hope to head to a big city for some Pokemon Go adventures in the holidays.

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