Sunday 23 October 2016

#CountryKids More Pokemon Go fun in Kendal #WhateverTheWeather

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Monkey and Mouse

After our first attempt at a Pokemon Go YouTube video:

... we have stuck to taking long walks at the weekends but haven't done any more videoing yet. We are working towards a virtual runner Pokemon medal by walking for several hours each time and hatching lots of eggs. Our favourite route takes us through the cemetery:

and up to the castle:

There are enough Pokestops at the top to make it worth the climb:

I am usually allowed time to appreciate the view too:

There are also usually a few Pokemon up on the hill and on Saturday we caught our first Wartotle as we walked back down:

Back down at Gooseholme we have a few favourite Pokestops as well as a Gym at the church, it was funny as my son briefly sneaked into the gym when a man around the corner had done all the work. The river is very low at the moment but the weir is still pretty noisy:

I love it when the air is so still that you get almost perfect reflections above the weir between the bridges:

We always combine a bit of shopping in town with our walk before heading back out past the Parish Church:

Our 10 k egg still hadn't hatched so we walked to the supermarket and then partially back in to town to get a takeaway.. Still no joy:

So after dinner we walked to the end of our street to be disappointed when it hatched:

Today we set off with a 2k egg back on the same route. This time I took my proper camera to capture the autumnal scenes like this one:

The sight of holly made my son get excited for Christmas:

We are so very lucky in our local area with popular and well maintained routes:

As we approached the actual castle my son told me the egg was ready to hatch. It was so much more exciting than the 10 k egg as it produced a Pikachu:

At the bottom of the castle we have what my son calls spider mania in the hedge along the footpath:

Then we come across the Little Library (and every time my son reminds me we ought to add to it!):

It is lovely to see some of the old fashioned mile posts on the roadside:

Back at Gooseholme even my son decided it was too cold for a gym battle so he just collected the Pokestops:

The wind prevented the gorgeous reflections but wasn't stopping the repairs on Victoria Bridge:

Back into town and I have been wondering all weekend who did this on the pedestrian crossing:

Into the market place and this signpost to show us approximately how far away my daughter is at the moment in Florida...

After a few more Pokestops I persuaded my son that a cafe stop was in order to warm up a little bit:

After a milkshake and cake he was bouncing with energy. Here he is leaping up to hit the signpost:

Catching a Mr Mime also made him happy (we seem to get lots in Kendal):

To add some distance we nipped into the Brewery and I finally noticed the Beatrix Potter references in the mural under the arch:

On a warmer day we have stopped in the beer garden with a Pokemon lure but today it was a case of grabbing Pokestops and then keeping moving:

We don't always walk in this side of the street so I had a chance to look closer at some of the historical pieces of Kendal's pubs and buildings:

Then we headed to Abbott Hall Park which again has four Pokestops to collect:

With a gym battle on offer we headed over the river instead of taking our normal route home:

Unfortunately some network glitches and a low battery prevented my son from victory:

We had to take the quickest route home along the canal before the battery ran out...

Watch out for more Pokemon adventures!

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