Monday 23 February 2015

Muffin Top Monday: Week 4

Well this week was proof that scales are not a good way to measure getting slimmer! For whatever reason I gained a whole 0.4 pounds.. Oh my what a disaster - well it would have been at one of the Weight Watchers meetings I used to go to. Instead I am relying on the more obvious Lycra photo test:

So apart from my face and neck looking thinner I can see a reduced muffin top and a much looser running top. I am still getting comments from people I haven't seen for a whilst about how good I am looking too.

This week wasn't my best food wise with it being the school holidays and I was home around temptations all week. However I kept myself active either doing house sorting or running and ate a lot less than I would normally do when at home all day. The 90 Days of Sober even coped with a night out when I tried alcohol free wheat beer!

With a busy half term ahead and lots of pressure lets hope I can keep this up...


  1. Amazingly loose top and you can see differences every time you post a pic. You are one very inspirational lady and not just on the weight loss front. Good to be not so worried about the scales - today is the first day I diddid not bother to jump on them

  2. They are so misleading! Let's hope I can keep it up..

  3. wow the difference in the pictures is amazing, so motivating to see your hard work paying off. well done! #muffintopmonday


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