Saturday 28 February 2015

#CountryKids Kendal Winter League Sedbergh Fell Race

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Another Sunday another cold, wet muddy field for a fell race!

After registering we had a quick look at the course:

My son sensibly decided he didn't need to walk all of it as he would have plenty of people to follow to get around the race. It is an under 12 event and he is only 8. Back at the start there was a very helpful weather report:

A statement of the obvious with the showers now turning wintry so it was time to warm up with the rest of the club under 12s:

There were nearly 100 runners at the start of their race (my phone wasn't too happy in the rain so I missed the actual go):

They charged across the field and soon disappeared off onto the course (1600m):

After a while we could just see them skirting the woods in the distance:

My son had enough energy left for a sprint finish at the end to come in 44th out of 52 boys and 73rd overall. He is definitely improving:

He was very cold after the finish and not surprisingly wanted to get straight back to the car:

You can tell what it was like on the course by the state of his running kit:

His socks and trainers were saturated so he had to be peeled out of both in the car:

He is currently 53rd out of 119 runners in the league and joint 4th in the club under 9 competition. Its still early days but he is keen to carry on and keep running.. Let's hope the weather is nicer this weekend!


  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona)28 February 2015 at 16:33

    Well done him at just 8 I think this is wonderful. Will they carry on the running competitions into summer? I think it would be so lovely then in the warmth, well for you watching anyway! Lovely photos, I love the socks drying in the car! thank you for joining me for Country Kids

  2. Yes events right through until September!


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