Monday 9 February 2015

Muffin Top Monday: Week 2

It's been a bit of mixed week with some days better than others but I was extremely pleased to have lost another 1.5 pounds! Even better than that I am feeling slimmer and this was proved to me in my update photo:

There is definitely less of a muffin top on the left than there was! The shrinkage was confirmed by the tape measure when I found a 3 inch loss on my waist after 2 weeks. I have even lost an inch off my neck - not sure how that happened..

My energy levels are really boosted and this is showing in my running. I worked out how to use the virtual pace function on my Garmin and seem to have found a current optimum pace which is improving my overall speed. This showed in yesterday's Parkrun when I knocked another 40 seconds off my PB and kept up a great pace:

With my fitbit I am recording my general activity levels and the challenge was upped this week. Over the week as a whole my average number of steps is hitting the target. I may have days when I am under but with running, walking and dancing I have done OK:

So I will keep listening to the Thinking Slimmer slimpod and keep on running until I get to where I want to be..


  1. 3lbs is a great loss! Well done :)

  2. Well done you, you can definately see a difference, I wish it would show on me ::((

  3. I have lots to lose so it shows quicker!

  4. Good steady weight loss wins the day. I love how you are losing weight and inches although as I have said I thought you looked fab to start with. Your exercise levels leave me in awe. Thanks for linking up with Muffin Top Monday @kateonthinice

  5. I hope so! Thanks Kate I may not have a long as journey as some but still need to shift plenty of weight

  6. You are doing amazingly well Becky! Keep it up


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