Saturday 19 July 2014

#CountryKids Nature walk on the River Kent

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

As the heavy rains decided not to show up this lunch time I took a chance and walked (scooted) my children into town to have lunch with a visiting friend. We took the slightly longer but way more scenic route along the banks of the River Kent. My daughter on her scooter was most often a distant dot than with us:

My son hadn't been too keen on the walk but by the time we got to the river he had cheered up a bit. He told our friend what he might see in the water: goosander, swans, ducks and otters! I used the convenient nature boards to engage him and get him interested in his whereabouts:

These boards are at various locations along the river and explain the fauna and flora on that particular stretch. We had seen bubbles and ripples in the water so hoped that we could find out which fish had caused them:

After lunch we strolled back along the river and enjoyed seeing the swans. One was drifting asleep on the water whilst the other was having a good look around:

My son said the swan looked like a giraffe with its long neck. This sparked a discussion about how many vertebrae giraffes and humans have and we have to check to see a) if it is the same and b) how many it is!

To see my daughter scooting across the bridge I put a video on Instagram.

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