Saturday 5 July 2014

Herdwick 10 km Road Race

I wasn't expecting a fantastic time today going in recovering from a bug, a week without a run and my self dislocating toes! We made it to the adjusted start line (eventually Ron found the right spot...) and I was with 2 other ladies I either knew or had spoken to before the race. The race was started by fell racing legend Joss Naylor and the 3 of us set off at a good pace.

The field started to stretch as we hit the first of the climbs and then there were just 2 of us together. She is running a half marathon tomorrow mad lady and was much more experienced than me. This helped me get through the first 5 km in a decent time but I was finding it tough in the heat so I let her carry on without me and went at a slower pace. To be honest I did a fair amount of walking on the return leg!

Gradually I ended up running completely on my own and couldn't see the people in front.. but I had passed people still going the other way so knew I was far from a back marker. It was a relief to see the finish line and hear my children encouraging me on. There was just enough in the tank to accelerate to the finish but I was still nearly 2 minutes slower than April!

On the way home we paused for an hour at Waterhead, Ambleside for an ice cream and a paddle! Typically my children ended up fully in the water partially dressed... life's simple pleasures!

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