Tuesday 29 July 2014

#CountryKids Go Ape at Grizedale

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sometimes I can be quite lucky in competitions and winning a couple of tickets for Go Ape via their Facebook page was definitely a good one! Today my daughter and I took advantage of her little brother's absence to use them at Grizedale as we had't tried the full sized course there. We have been on the Junior one on its opening day and had our birthday treat on the Whinlatter course. 

The Grizedale course is the highest in the UK (good job I didn't remember that before agreeing to go there!). Being the main summer season I booked the night before which was just as well as it was completely full by the time we arrived in the afternoon. Once we had completed the safety talk and test run we were let loose on the course itself. So it was up the first rope ladder and onto the challenges:

What is great is that each section is different so there is something new to try and conquer. Every one was graded Easy, Difficult or Extreme. Interestingly my daughter and I found each one different and when I struggled she was OK and vice versa! For example she wasn't happy on the barrel tunnel:

My only problem on there was trying to get out at the end! Turned out I was facing wrong way and had to somehow get my legs in front of my body in a small space (glad no-one videoed it!). Unlike October my daughter was much taller than the minimum so she found it easier to reach everything:

Some of the ascents were incredibly high and seemed to go on forever...

Being a busy day we had a long wait on a few sections which a) gave a chance to recover b) gave us more time to get worried about what was to come! I was pretty scared on a few sections especially when I ended up with my feet higher than my head on the bosun's chair... 

The last Tarzan swing was going to be too much for me (I am not good climbing up cargo nets) but luckily the staff member on duty kept my daughter by her side whilst I got myself round to where my daughter would finish up. Of course I then had to return the way I had come on some scary bits.. I was quite relieved to be on the home straight:

We then got to do our Monkey Selfies:

video to follow once my phone talks to my laptop.. there is some on Instagram

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