Wednesday 16 July 2014

Workout Wednesday: back out running

It's been such a busy time I hadn't been able to run since the Herdwick 10km so it was a relief to hit the tarmac on Monday. I did my lovely cross country run from Staveley to Kendal and enjoyed just being out for a run and not on a training programme! The river was very low at Barley Weir as I started my warm up walk:

The back lane was very inviting and one day I will go for a run all the way down it to Bowston..

There was no pressure on me and I didn't push myself too hard.  I went off at a good enough pace and managed to run up my old nemesis hill though I did let myself take a short recovery walk at the top. By the time I got to Burneside I had done the route in my 3rd fastest time to day - go me. It was nice to get to the stile on the field and know that I had got to the end of the run:

It was a pretty reasonable distance after a break:

And the race results are finally in and I was 131st with 18 people after me including several younger runners!

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