Wednesday 2 July 2014

Review: Snazaroo Face Paints for the World Cup

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We were lucky to be sent some Snazaroo Face Paints for the world cup with some face painting guides. The kit included both traditional face paints plus sticks. My daughter is the official face painter in our house and this is what she managed to do:

Not sure I am a butterfly girl!

Can you tell which World Cup team this will be?

This won't be needed until the Commonwealth Games now!

It was Costa Rica!

This one was for Wimbledon..

A change of allegiance!

It all went on every so easily and didn't feel heavy at all. The paint cleans off easily too - we have had cheap face paint turn my son's hair green but not this time. I am sure we get lots more fun out of the paint set too as they don't skimp on them.

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