Thursday 13 December 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful week 50: My Christmas Angel ( #R2BC )


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

We have a guest host over at Pressies by Pebbles so please visit her! I'm going to focus on my daughter this week as like all mums and daughters we have our ups and downs but I'd like to focus on great things this week. She has had a rough couple of years to deal with at a young age but her angelic side can still shine through:



We've had a couple of Christmas fairs over the last few weeks that my children have helped me to sell books at. On each occasion my daughter has befriended some new people and been a fabulous addition to my sales team!

Tonight and yesterday was the Christmas production for the juniors at her school. As you can see from the photo she had a part as an angel in the nativity section as well as singing in the choir.. Despite her tonsillitis she put a 100% effort in for her small part in a wonderful school production.

She is still really focussing on raising money for cancer charities as a way of coping with her day's cancer. It's fabulous that she is thinking of others at a time she is hurting herself.

Well done to my Christmas angel and I hope to see more of the angelic side in 2013 ;-)



  1. She looks wonderful, we only have infant nativity and I feel sad I no longer have any infants!

  2. Normally no nativity in juniors but this was scene in a play about what Christmas is about. Infant full nativity tomorrow with son as nice innkeeper!

  3. your daughter sounds amazing! and such a beautiful girl too x

  4. How lovely, gorgeous reason to be cheerful x

  5. what a lovely post - a big well done to your daughter. lovely photo xxx

  6. How beautiful .... Amazing reasons x

  7. Lovely post, beautiful photo xx


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