Tuesday 4 December 2012

Keeping the magic part 2

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With my mission to keep my daughter's belief in Santa going a little bit longer I was intrigued by a PR offer to try out the Portable North Pole site to create a personalised message from Santa for my daughter! I was offered a free premium code but as I went on wrong link I ended up paying £2.99...

The site asks various questions about your child including pronouncing their name and various key details. You can then upload a photograph of them and off a special event to add to their special book. At the minute this feature doesn't work on an iPad (my son's video is a bit sparser!).

Telling Santa what they have been asked to do better such as eating their vegetables or sharing their toys. Also what kind of toy they have asked for. With the premium version you can add a photo of your home and a pet to add more personalisation.

Once you have checked out the video link is emailed to you with a PIN code and you can get it ready to play to your child. I would suggest getting it to the play button before bringing your child over. This is how transfixed my two were with their videos:

The way the video has the child's name both written and spoken had them hooked. What was great for having more than one child is that the videos weren't 100% identical. Each child's special book was on a different part of Santa's shelves and they had a different reindeer.

We were all convinced that this was the Santa and the children were relieved to be just about on the good list! Hoping they will try their best to behave now they have seen how Santa and his elves are watching them!

If you would like to share the magic I can give you a special discount code. To use it go to http://www.portablenorthpole.com/voucher and enter the code BLOG10BK for a 10% discount on all their merchandise.

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  1. I did one for my Youngest on Saturday so I've missed out with the code. They are great aren't they? We did one last year too. As my eldest is 11 and at High School she knows who puts the presents under the tree! The magic does go when they stop believing .


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