Thursday 6 December 2012

Mattel Fun Times: Junior Scrabble

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Regular readers of my blog and photo posts will know my family are huge scrabble fans so being sent a spanking brand new copy of Junior Scrabble by Mattel was brilliant. I grew up with the game and my mum has a 1970s original copy! It has changed again since our second hand set has come out.
The game has two levels depending on the age of your child. For the younger ones there is a simple version where you have the words already on the board you just need to cover them:

For my 6 year old just in year 1 this is a perfect level. I am glad that the new version doesn't have all the letters in the words so its assisting him with his spellings. Having the rules made me realise we had been playing wrong but they make the game go better. Scoring is simple with tokens for completing a word.

For the my 9 year old we flipped the board over and you have to think of your own words:

So this makes them think ahead plus scoring requires addition and multiplication skills. My 6 year old could play this level just about but would need help.
A great game for families and a tool for helping primary aged children with spelling and numeracy skills.

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