Saturday 15 December 2012

Saturday Book Review: A Medal for Leroy - Michael Morpugo

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One great thing about having a slightly older child now who is advanced at reading is that we are filling our house with fabulous books that we can both enjoy. Michael Morpurgo books certainly fall into this category so I was delighted to be sent a copy of his latest novel to review:

Michael really has a great way of story telling that draws you in. I found myself unable to put this down and was reading in bed until the early hours!

This is another historical novel based upon a boy born in World War Two but with a story linking back to World War One. The book honours the memory of a real life war hero Lieutenant Walter Tull who was killed in action in 1918. Despite his heroic actions he was never awarded a medal as he was black. It's shocking to modern day people to realise that our forces were so racist that coloured service personnel were almost never made officers and that they were also omitted from medal awards.

The fictional story is about Michael whose father died whilst serving in the RAF during World War Two. He is brought up in London by his mother with regular visits to his aunts by the seaside. It takes the death of one his aunts to reveal a family secret that will eventually take Michael as a grandfather to the battlefields of World War One to honour the grandfather he never knew.

A poignant story for teenagers and adults a like. It did bring tears to my eyes...

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