Saturday 29 December 2012

Handwritten thank you's

I have to admit that since the invention of email I've been a very poor letter writer. Thank you's have been via email or telephone. I know that I ought to encourage my children to do better. My 9 year old isn't all that keen but I'm making the most of my just turned 6 year old being excited about being able to write!


Today we sat down for a bit and wrote letters together. He would ask me to write down words he couldn't spell:




After the first one I realised I needed to draw lines to help him stay on track as he took up far too much space.... It was lovely as an activity to do together and we have more to do tomorrow.



Do you encourage your children to say thank you by letter?



  1. I'm in two minds about thank you cards when both parties have email. On the one hand I feel it is proper, polite, the right thing to do, shows good upbringing, etc.... On the other hand you can't argue with the environmentalists who advocate saving the trees and thanking by email. Sometimes I think we have to get over the notion that how it was in the past is necessarily good for the present. Just thinking out loud but either way it looks like a lovely shared family activity at your place so that's definitely good.

  2. Yes! My Mum always got us writing thank you letters and I've continued the tradition with our girls. I think it's a very nice personal thing to do,and I'm sure they end up stashed away somewhere by the person who receives them. It is getting more difficult to get my 11 year old to write them but I will perceiver .


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