Monday 24 December 2012

A very British Christmas journey

It's been a long, long day getting back from the south in time for Christmas.... Railway closed for maintenance, flooding on the line and a tragic death made a normal 2.5 hour train journey a 4.5 hour slog. It's been a tour of all sorts of places as we were diverted via Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes and Rugby. With bus replacements and cancelled services it could have been a complete nightmare.


What made it bearable was the attitude of the majority of travellers and railway staff. The underground man who let us through the barrier despite us having the wrong kind of ticket. A stranger smiling and waving goodbye to my kids on the Tube. The chatty bus driver who entertained us up the M1. People that kept an eye on my children so I could grab a coffee or nip to the loo. The lady that lent me her mobile phone when my battery went flat. All the people that made conversation on the train.


I really hope all of them made it to their Christmas destinations without too many more delays. So Happy Christmas to the hard working staff on Virgin Trains, Midland Trains and London Underground.


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