Wednesday 6 June 2012

Jubilee Round Up

The flags and bunting are looking rather sorry for themselves now but hasn't it been a marvellous time to be proud to be British. I am sure the queen is glad to be sitting down with a cup of tea and her feet on a corgi after all the excitement of the last 4 days! Wonder whether the next big royal do will be her 70 years on the throne or the crowning of King Charles III? Here are my favourite bits of the Jubilee:

My children's school had several days of Jubilee related activities. Unfortunately the family picnic was cancelled due to rain but it cleared up in time for the school fete and cake sale. The children all looked fabulous in their red, white and blue and I wish I was as talented as some of the other parents at cake making!

The next day all approx 150 children were taken on a 3 mile hike! Luckily the weather was perfect for this despite the threatening clouds. It was great to be part of this.

On the Saturday we managed to get to the Jubilee event at Sizergh Castle. I already blogged about this on the day.

Watching the Jubilee Thames pageant was pretty amazing. Friends had bravely gone down to watch but I'm glad I stayed dry at home! A great spectacle to make us proud.

I managed to catch some of the church service on Tuesday but missed the processions. As head of the Church of England this was an important part of the celebrations. I enjoyed belting out Guide Me Oh Thou Great Redeemer along with the congregation.

I was a day behind watching the Jubilee concert! Bits of it were much better than others. I liked Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey the best. Some other performers were not at their best... We do a great firework display though!

So it's all over and what do we have to show for it:

Here's to celebrating Britain through sport for the rest of the summer and roll on the 70th Jubilee!

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