Friday 8 June 2012

Friday Review: Union Jack Cushions

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We were sent this kit for me to try out with my 8 year old daughter. With the patriotic fever at the moment this is a great crafting idea. Also a great way to entertain on a wet summer's day! It comes with everything except scissors to make the cushions including the insides.

The sections all have holes in them to make the sewing easier. The main sections also had an UP sticker on them so you get it right. The instructions that come with it are very clear too.

Now my daughter has never got the hang of sewing yet as she doesn't have much patience for learning a new skill! We had a few tears and tantrums at first but once she actually listened and concentrated she enjoyed doing it.

I would like to show you the finished result but we aren't very speedy at sewing!

A great kit for some girl time together. It has an RRP of £14.99 which isn't bad value when you end up with cushions that would cost a lot more in the shops to buy finished. A good way for children to practice their sewing skills too.

Any way better get back to sewing if I want to finish it before the next Jubilee!

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