Tuesday 5 June 2012

Tuesday Review: AppGear Zombie Burbz

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AppGear gives you the ultimate gaming experience and lets you play totally interactive games on your phone, ipod or ipad! ZombieBurbz is a truly monstrous game! Using real figures, it turns your ipad into a moving battle zone for you to defend. With a twist on the norm, you play the Zombie! Zombies are tired of being misunderstood and just want to achieve their own suburban dream. Your task is to fight off the angry mobs that want to run them out of town. There are four different versions to collect; Avenue, Highschool, Diner and Service, each with their own game and story line!

We were sent our own set of zombies to try out with this game. Each set comes with 3 collectable Zombies and one special interactive one that you use to play the game on your iPad:

The sets retail for around £9.99 and the game itself is then free to download from itunes. You can only play the game with the special character and each special unlocks a different section. Placing the zombie on the iPad activates the game and you then use it as a controller:

You have to lay traps and defend your territory against human invaders. This is not your normal Zombie game as they are the good guys and this game is suitable for children. When the humans 'die" they basically just fall down.

My 5 year old is just getting into gaming and struggled to get the concept of how to use his zombie to control the game action. I would suggest that this is more suited to older children who have more experience of games than him.


We have now tried this as an 8 year old and an adult. Using the interactive zombie to move the one in the game made for a much easier game play. He slides around the screen and activates the Zombie weapons quite easily. The zombie must face the direction you want the Zombie breath etc. to blast out at the human attackers.

We still need to learn the best tactics to help the zombie survive attack from the humans but it seems a pretty simple game to master.

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