Friday 1 June 2012

Jubilee School Walk

A slightly more unusual way to celebrate the Jubilee today, my children's entire school plus staff, plenty of parents and some younger siblings headed out on a 3 mile hike.

The school has around 150 children and they have a family system where each child is assigned to a school family which has children from all school years in it. If a sibling starts at the school they join the same group. For this hike the children were arranged into these families so that each group of around 12 had one member of staff and 1 or more parent helper.

After our safety briefing we set off on the walk in a very long crocodile through the lanes around the village. We had a teacher in a car in front as an outrider to slow down oncoming cars plus signs in the road to warn drivers. It was quite an impressive sight when you could see us all spaced out along the lane:

About half way round teachers dispensed water and biscuits to restore energy and then we descended back down the hill to the village. It was great to see how the older children in each family helped to stop the younger ones (aged 4 and up) from flagging.

All the parents that went on the walk were really glad they had gone. It was such a lovely experience. Here is hoping that they do it again! For more photographs please check out my Smilebox:

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