Tuesday 17 January 2012

Change4Life: Latest News

The latest Change4Life newsletter has just popped into my inbox so I'd like to share some of the highlights with you all.


February will see the launch of a new Change4Life campaign to show how easily drinking too much alcohol can sneak up on you.

Here are their top tips for cutting down on your alcohol (and sugary soft drinks) consumption:
  • Carry a bottle of water when you go out to avoid sugary soft drinks
  • Don't stock up on alcohol and sugary drinks when you shop
  • Have a few consecutive days with no alcohol at all each week
  • When you out at the pub drink more slowly (this will lead to fewer rounds)
  • If out with heavy drinkers avoid joining in with rounds
  • Have your first drink later in the evening and don't feel like you need to finish the bottle in one go
  • Try something different instead of going to the pub

For more information go to the Drink Swap page and see what else they offer.


I have already written about Supermeals and the campaign is expanding. They are now running offers from 3 supermarkets to tie in with the recipes. To see what you can get have a look at the offers currently available.


This is a competition for English schools to win a visit by a top UK athlete by getting their pupils to think like an athlete. It opened on January 9th and runs to 9th March 2012. Teachers need to download entry forms and information for the SmallSteps4Life page.

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