Thursday 26 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful XXXV ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Been a bit of a roller coaster week so I really need to think just about the positive things! So here we go:

1) At home

My parents came and swapped our small kitchen table for my granny's slightly bigger one. We now have 4 chairs and it can open up to seat 6. It's great having a decent sized table so I can do things like lay out serving dishes and feel all posh:

De-cluttering and tidying has moved along noticeably this week. The heap on top of the dressing up box at the top of the stairs has been sorted and either returned to its rightful place, binned or set aside for a car boot. One small victory in the battle to get the house straight!

2) My Children

On Saturday my daughter decided I needed looking after and brought me breakfast in bed, She tried to keep me there all day by bringing me an early lunch as well!

A thoroughly spoilt mummy!

My son is getting so enthusiastic about his words and letters. He is having such fun with fridge magnets now he can read some of them himself and some with a little help:

3) Friends

Saturday night I had a lovely evening with a friend and our 3 boys. It was great to be able to go round and relax with a like minded mum especially when our boys get on so well. Looking forward to having them back here now we have room!

Having come to the rescue of a neighbour and taken her son to school last week she did the same for me today. Its fantastic having someone so close that is there for moments like that. Our children are constantly in and out of both houses and its great they are building up good friendships. Us mums are enjoying being able to relax over a cup of coffee together too!

4) Winning things!

Just popped over to Michelle's to get the linky code and found I've won a prize in her anniversary draw! My son will be dead chuffed as its definitely a boy's toy...


  1. There's nothing like building friendships with other Mums to make your day that little bit easier. Well done to your son and breakfast in bed from your daughter? What a treat! Please get her to write it all down in simple steps and mail it to mine :D Lovely reasons to be cheerful x

  2. Breakfats and lunch in bed? definitely something to be cheerful about. Congratulations on winning!

    Herding Cats

  3. I admit being envious of you having a mum friend. I could so do with one of those.
    I think your reasons are lovely but hope you are OK deep down too.

  4. How fabulous of your little girl. A real cutie.

    Mich x


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