Thursday 12 January 2012

LifeCircle 2012: Wheel of Life

Life Circle

After breaking us in gently last week Kate wants us to evaluate where we are at the minute. I did this back in September but I'm not going to look at that until I've written this one! What we do is look at this wheel:

and then score each section from 0-10. I haven't got around to actually drawing lines on mine like she has but here is the basic results for me:

Fun and Recreation = 8
I am managing to enjoy a variety of activities in and out of the home and have started to really get into hiking and sewing at the minute. Yes there are things I can't do due to childcare but things are pretty good.

Career = 5
Still not got a regular income from a paid job but I have begun to earn money from my Family History business. The blog continues to provide a trickle of money and good in kind. I need to work on boosting the books though.

Health = 8
Nothing bad about my health but still carrying a bit too much weight! This is definitely going to change this year.

Personal Development = 7
I am challenging myself to re-learn how to sew this is a real rest of my little grey cells. I would love to find courses I can do to work on other aspects of my personal development.

Friends and Family = 9
The reason I moved was to be nearer my family and I love it! My friendships up here are building nicely and I still get to see my old friends from down south a few times a year.

Environment = 8
I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK if not the world. Having the Lake District on my doorstep is fabulous. I need to work on getting my home and more relaxing place to be though...

Finance = 3
We aren't on the breadline and most months money in = money out but I really have to watch out as to what I spend. We don't lack anything we need for a simple standard of living but it would be nice to have some spare money for big treats.

Romance/Significant Other = 1
I have spent time in the company of eligible gentlemen but as yet nothing to change me from a single lady! Hoping this might change this year...

To see what I put in September the original post is here. It does look like most scores are slightly up which is a relief!

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  1. Its been a while since I've been walking in the Lake district. There's some lovely scenery up there. I had the most amazing meal at a pub near Buttermere.

  2. Fab that your scores are on the up. Again, we are in similar places - work coming in but need more!

  3. Hey there. Interesting insight on your Circle of Life. Very impressed you've started your own business. The regular income thing is a real issue for many of us, isn't it, but it sounds like you have got something great there and can build on it. Best of luck in all aspects of your Circle - though you seem to have most of the areas sussed.
    Keith (Reluctant Housedad)

  4. Yay to increases in scores from September, good luck as we keep working.

  5. Well done on the general score increase!

  6. sarahhillwheeler27 January 2014 at 11:07

    Fascinated to see your "wheel of life" and to finding out more. I am never quite convinced by view that the "ideal" is a perfect wheel...tend more to view that it's a tool to analyse where you are meeting your needs...and it can fluctuate...that said it looks like your exercise is doing a great job. Am checking out the life circle posts! May even resurrect mine!


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