Thursday 19 January 2012

LifeCircle 2012: Taking Action

Life Circle

Kate has asked to put in a Taking Action plan based upon last week's 2 lowest scores on the Wheel of Life. We need to think of 2 actions to undertake in the next fortnight for each area. In my case my lowest scores were Finance and Romance. So let me see what I can come up with for each of these...


Well I obviously find ways to increase my income as there isn't much I can do in the way of reducing spending! So what can I do?
  1. Follow up on my leads for my Usborne Books business and generate some revenue. 
  2. For my Kendal Family History Services and blog businesses I need to up my online presence and keep on marketing.
Hopefully by the end of the fortnight all of this will have resulted in money in the bank...

Romance/Significant Other

This is a tough one to crack! It maybe beyond my control but this is what I can try to do to increase my chances of finding myself a new man:
  1. Get time to myself out of the house in places where I can meet people.
  2. Er can't think of anything else!
So there you go hope that I can report back with some progress in a fortnight's time... To see everyone else's posts pop over to Kate's Action post and the linky on there.


  1. I'm glad I read this as I was thinking it was going to be a compicated post to write. But yours seems so simple - put in a few more hours and get out more. Voila! Looking forward to hearing the great results in two weeks'time. Good luck.

  2. Did you consider joining a dating site at all? Or perhaps something like Spice where you can get out and do things (childcare permitting) in a different way that is not intended to meet potential partners but many do. (It's how I met my OH!)


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