Thursday 18 August 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful XX (#R2BC)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Somehow having less rainy days makes life seem so much better - and not just because the kids and I aren't stuck at home all day together! But here are the main reasons I'm smiling this week:

1) Old friends

A friend from my high school days was up north last weekend and we got to spend some lovely time together. Living so far from my best friends isn't always easy so it was great that she made it up here. I'll be seeing the whole gang next Sunday (5 ladies, 3 gents and 9 kids!) so that makes it even more fab:

my friend and my kids enjoying Bambi 2

2) Family

Living near my parents is proving a God send this summer. For moments of sanity I've either had their company or let them kidnap one or both of my children for a few hours or even a night. Having time with other grown ups or time without my children is so important for my sanity!

How my parents kept the kids quiet at Brough Castle!

3) Me!

Managed to lose a whole pound this week - not sure how but maybe the Wii Zumba session I squeezed in whilst my parents took the kids out for an afternoon! I've also got a trail for contact lenses to see if I can sometimes have a change from the glasses. Not only that but I've been brave and applied for a part time job which is term time only which would be perfect. Fingers crossed that I can get an interview.

4) The weather

We've had a couple of lovely days up here and its been lovely to be out and about in the local parks. Cumbria seems to be well provided with playgrounds which my kids love to play in for hours. I usually manage to bump into another mum I know so that I can have a natter whilst the kids wear themselves out!

tonight's stunning sunset


  1. I love it when I read about people making time for themselves, we don't do it enough!

    Fabulous week!

  2. I love it when I read about people making time for themselves, we don't do it enough!

    Fabulous week!

  3. My post & yours are both very similar - old friends, exercise & being in the North. I totally agree about old friends. My 2 oldest friends both still live in the town we grew up in & now I have moved back it is great my 2 boys are friends & growing up with their kids x

  4. Lovely range of reasons. Good luck with the job application. I too want to do something whether work, volunteering or study and soon or I will go insane. Good to hear of weight loss to as I need to get my derriere in gear on that front too.
    Friends are special and family too - good to see you have a support network in place


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