Friday 19 August 2011

Flashback Friday: Medieval fun

Eight years ago this bank holiday my family signed up to join the Medieval Siege Society after watching a weekend of fun at Herstmonceux castle. My daughter was then only 10 and half months old and she looked adorable crawling around in her white linen shift.

Since then we have been to many interesting places and met some great people (2 of whom are my son's godparents!). I have learnt many skills including some craft and cooking on an open fire. My daughter is getting pretty good with her longbow and my son has picked up some sword skills even at 4 years of age.

We all enjoy living 500 years back in time and the freedom of living outside for a weekend. I think it has given my children a lot of self confidence. This is going to be our last visit to Herstmonceux this year as we live too far away to take part. Hopefully we will find a group up north we can join instead.

To give you a taste of the things we have done over the last 8 years here are a few of my favourite photos:

My children and a friend at Arundel in May 2010
My son aged 7 months at Appuldurcombe on the Isle of Wight (taken by AuntieP)
The mighty bombard at last year's Herstmonceux
Bodiam Castle last August
My son aged 20 months at Appuldurcombe on the Isle of Wight (taken by AuntieP)
My daughter aged 3 1/2 at Appuldurcombe on the Isle of Wight (taken by AuntieP)
We have appeared in lots of official photos on the Herstmonceaux web site and its always fun trying to find ourselves each year: 
Wonder of we'll make it in the hall of fame this year!

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