Tuesday 2 August 2011

Tuesday Review: Haba Fliffix Catch

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This is my fifth product review as a Haba Ambassador and my family are really having great fun trying them out. This one was for the Fliffix Catch which is our first outdoor toy to test it claims to be suitable from 5-99 years of age! Both my children were keen to try it out and when I took the nets and ball in their drawstring bag to the park after school several different children had a go.

The basic concept is that you have to catch the soft ball in your net. There are variations that you can do. The first is to play solo and hit the underside of the net yourself and then try to catch the ball:

You can also have someone throw the ball at your net and try to catch it. The advanced game has both players with nets and taking turns to flick and catch. My 7 year old could manage most of these versions of the game but my 4 year old needed to stick to the simpler versions.

One of his favourites was to get a net lodged into something and play a version of basketball with it:

I loved the fact that the ball and nets are quite soft and light weight. This means that 1) if accidents happen it won't hurt much 2) when you are off on a trip out they are not adding too much to the load. I think that as a family we will get a lot of use out this as a game and it will certainly packed to go camping this summer.

As my daughter discovered you can also have fun not playing the game correctly:

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