Friday 5 August 2011

#FlashbackFriday: A Fresh Start

I haven't joined in this for a while so time to have a trawl through the more recent past as it's a year this week that I moved into my new home in Kendal. The end of an era which had lasted from the 7th month after my wedding when we moved from Chesham to Kendal. With my marriage over it was time to start again near to my parents up here in Cumbria. A big move but one that is best for all of us (even of sometimes my daughter doesn't see it that way!).

It had taken many months to pack up our lives in Hastings with help from family and friends:

Eventually on the 31st July we had packed up as much as we could and it was farewell to the Edwardian town house we had called home for 7 years:

I then had the interesting experience of driving a 7.5 tonne lorry all the way from Hastings to Kendal! A little different from anything else that I have ever driven and it made me a lot more aware of my driving and others around me. It was a relief to reach my destination (especially after having to do a 3 point turn in a lorry!) and see my new front door:

My new landlady and her parents had left us some welcoming gifts to make us feel at home:

I have to admit that a year on we haven't finished moving in properly as life seems to get in the way a lot! We are here for another year at least and are so glad we did it.

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